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Baby Titi® is a family-owned, baby bedding company established in 2018 by a husband and wife looking for unique crib sheets that depicted how their future baby might look. Not finding what they had envisioned, they set out to create a line of fitted crib sheets, unlike any other.  

Feeling strongly about how much representation matters and wanting to help fill that void, their designs feature babies of different races and genders in beautifully whimsical settings.

As a small family business, they know how important it is to give back to the community.  Baby Titi® will be donating a portion of its profits to organizations that support and promote equality for all minorities and bedding for minority families in need.

"Celebrating diversity one little tot at a time."


Baby Titi® - Baby bedding that entices the imagination and celebrates diversity, one little tot at a time.

The vision of Baby Titi® is to be the premier baby bedding company that puts representation at the forefront.  We create bedding that excites children's imaginations while representing what makes us all unique and beautiful.

Baby Titi® operates with the following guiding principles.
Quality, Diversity, Creativity

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